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Who We Are



We are the only international exchange organization affiliated with the university, hosting various events ranging from casual exchanges to the university's official events.

You can visit the link to explore more about Keio University International Center.

留学生支援・Student support



We regularly open exchange tables at Mita Global Lounge, located in the South School Building of the Mita campus, to answer your concerns about your new college life in Japan, enjoy talking in Japanese with Keio students, and so on. We also hold events at the Communication Lounge in the Hiyoshi campus.




In spring, we go watch blossoms. In summer, we go on a field trip to the bay area in Tokyo's neighborhood. In fall, we have a Halloween party. In winter, we have a Christmas party. Throughout the year, we hold various events for international students to enjoy while getting along with Japanese students. Not only do we hold those seasonal events, but also we go watch the baseball and regatta games of the well-known Waseda-Keio rivalry. During summer and spring breaks, we go to sleep-over trips to the country side of Japan to relax and have fun with Japanese students. 


大学公式イベント・Keio official events


We hold various university official events, such as organizing a Japanese speech contest for international students which continues for about 40 years, an inter-college table where Keio students exchange and discuss Japanese culture with undergraduate and postgraduate students at six major US universities (Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Penn, Wisconsin Milwaukee, and Yale), and Keio's Tomodachi program where we form groups of international students and Keio students to get even closer connections.


三田祭出店・Mita Festival


We had opened several booths at Mita festival in the past, an annual school festival of Keio held in late November, such as selling food and opening a Shateki shooting gallery and a boardgames cafe. We try to make our booth enjoyable for both international and Japanese students.





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